Recent & Selected Projects

Future Audition @ Re:sound 2019

Julian is giving a paper entitled  'Future Audition: listening to promises of 'unlimited power for the indefinite future' at the 8th International Conference for Histories of Media Arts. The conference takes place in Aalborg, Denmark in August 2019.

In the Future Perfect

In 2018, Julian and Jol Thomson were commissioned by The Royal Holloway Centre for the GeoHumanities to research a new work with the theme of Creating Earth Futures.

In the Future Perfect aims at a polyvalent understanding of what fusion energy, a theoretically clean and unlimited energy source, could mean for the future global environment and economy.

We will be presenting some of our research alongside Matterlurgy and Caitlin Berrigan at Raven Row, London on May 9th 2019. Tickets are available via Eventbrite.

New sound work at Colour Out of Space 2019

Julian will be exhibiting a new sound work at the Colour Out of Space International Festival of Experimental Sound and Art on the last weekend of April. He'll also be giving a talk at the Resonance FM Free University on the same weekend.

Outwork - Permanent Installation at Newhaven Fort

Outwork proposes a new defensive imaginary for Newhaven Fort; one in which it can monitor sonic events across the locale, where its provision for coastal auditon could play an role alongside the National Costalwatch; which rose to fill the gap left by the ‘rationalisation and modernisation’ of the Coastguard.

As Eisenhower once said, “the uninspected deteriorates”...

Outwork was commissioned for Fort Process 2018 and is permanently installed at Newhaven Fort, East Sussex, UK.