Julian Weaver has worked cross-sector in the arts and cultural industries since the early 1990s.

With a background in fine art and composition (music), he was an early adopter of web and interactive media technologies. He built his first web site in 1992 and has shown work at ISEA, Transmediale, Placard, Resonance FM and elsewhere since 1995. 

Working at the cutting edge of technology saw him freelance for a number of award-winning companies before co-founding Finetuned as a curatorial platform for artists working with sound in 2005.  Expanding the remit in 2010, Finetuned now focuses on interdisciplinary research and curated projects. It also provides consultative and technical services to artists, galleries, research institutions and the creative industries.

In the last decade Finetuned has commissioned over 60 works from British and international artists (including Ed Osborn, Suzy Treister, Yve Lomax, Lee Patterson) and curated a range of projects. These include gallery and online exhibitions such as Not for Human Consumption (2013), Relay (2008), Signal (2007), events at Cafe Oto, London (2012 & 2011) and publications, most recently Graham Harman (CRiSAP Research Series #1, 2012).