Preset Softwar v1.1: What's the point in an upgrade?

Factor 01

The code of the upgrade's agenda relies upon its ordinal: the level of differentiation between itself and its precedent; precedent may be taken to mean a previous case serving as a rule or a pattern.

Initially, we might say that this agenda relies on whether we consider the upgrade as the supplanting or supplementing of its precedent. Either way, we may consider it safe to assume that an upgrade and its precedent constitute a series, a set of values determined by a common relation.

Factor 01

Given that we already know the value of the upgrade: 1.1 and its precedent 1.0, we may be drawn to plot the values in a single dimension: as a line.

Factor 03

Given that our precedent is itself immediately preceded by the WORD-STRING(version), we cannot surmise that it prefigures anything other than the relationship with the upgrade.

The version denotes our precedent as a piece of translation, another string, a composite series of threads. If a string is a concatenation of characters or words; it is composed of other strings.

Factor 05

When a string is held taut, displaced and released, it produces a square waveform that is composed of multiple sine wave oscillations, the number of which is determined by the distance between the points that hold it taut.

Factor 08

In 1942, the Americans' X-system for speech encipherment was encoded by reducing 10 bandwidth frequencies with an additional channel marking unvoiced sounds like 'ssss', an absence of pitch. His swimwear problem oscillating like Shrodinger's cat, Turing had his implant removed before club med.

Factor 13

On the beach in Corfu in 1953, Turing would study both the seaweed and the boys. Unlike von Neumann, he noted that the mysterious moment of observation occurred only at discrete intervals.

Factor 21

A surface or mask is established through the combination of our first series: precedent/upgrade with that of the second: variant/translation. A month before his suicide, along the golden mile in Blackpool, Turing would consult the Gypsy Queen and emerge ashen faced.

Factor 34

"Description must be non-linear, prediction must be linear."

Turing's maxim removed the possibility of another reading.

Factor 55

presetSoftwar is perhaps a encoding program that does not require these operators. However, the preconditions of its current configuration are dependant upon the demarcation of a territory:

The application of presetSoftwar to the surface outlined in factor 21, enables a body to be formed. To the axes x [precedent/upgrade] and y [variant/translation], we add the axis [presetSoftwar].

Factor 89

This body is an arrangement of lines which we place on a platform raised in the middle of a church. The catafalque receives the corpus.

Julian Weaver 1998

An offshoot of the Preset Softwar project, The Lure of Necromancy combined public distribution of Stuart Home's infamous necrocards with a study of cryptography via Alan Turing's estrogen implants.

The Lure of Necromancy was included as an encrypted upgrade on the Preset Softwar CDRom