Take a deep breath... respirer co-opts Auscultation (the practice of listening to sounds arising from within the organs) and Morbid Anatomy (the investigation of diseased organs) by interrupting the circuit of diagnosis and clinical response.

Illuminating a technological process and dialogue that is familiar to the point of banality, respirer is an intimate interaction that simultaneously overindulges the narcissist, hyperchondriac and voyeur whilst raising questions about professional ethics. legality and ownership of the products of the body.

Respirer illuminates a familiar technological process and dialogue through intimate interaction.

Exhibition Paper, ISEA

Exhibition Text, ISEA

Private Views

Respirer (Cinema Version) - 14:41

Respirer - Mother & Child - 02:30

Exhibited at:

ISEA 2004, Tallinn, Estonia 14-31/08/2004

HOSPITAL Festival, Brighton, UK 7-11/11/2002

Placard #5 Festival, Paris, 26-9/07/2002

Private Views: Out of the Blue @ resonance fm 09/02/2003

Dorkbot, Gent 14/11/2003